The Cotswold Set

The Cotswold set consists of the Worcester Eco Stove alongside the Cotswold stand. 
The Cotswold set provides a robust and sturdy base for the Worcester Eco Stove. The Cotswold set includes a storage area for chopped wood making it easier to refuel and also brings the added feature of a focal point and presence to your front room.  

The Cotswold set is British designed and manufactured in Worcestershire UK using laser cut, low carbon steel.




- Heavy Duty Robust Stand 
- Open Storage space for wood fuel 
- Contrasting granite slab design
- Prominent room feature  
- Minor assembly required.
- British Designed
- Made to order in Worcestershire 
- Available in a range of colours 


Output: 7.2 kW
Efficiency: 77.6%
Co emission at 13% 02% :0.09
Mean Flue Gas Temperature: 351°C
Body Material: Low carbon Steel 
Door Material: Low carbon Steel
Glass Panel: ROBAX® Glass
Fuel: 12” wood
Outlet Diameter: 5" - 6"
Distance from sides to Combustibles: 350mm
Distance from back to Combustibles: 500mm
Warranty: 5 years (Body)

EU Safety Test Standard:
S EN 13240:2001+Amd2:200

Weight Stand and Stove: 96 kg 
Weight Stand: 58 kg
Weight Stove: 38 Kg 
Outlet Location: Top Only
External Air Compatible: Yes (100mm outlet)

External Height (mm):
External Width (mm):
External Depth (mm):

Firebox Height (mm):
Firebox Width (mm):
Firebox Depth (mm):

Available in a choice of colours 

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